August 30th

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Dress uniform on Friday!

Language Arts

  • Final draft: Your paper blog
    • write two paragraphs on something you are passionate about
    • you may type your paragraphs and put them on the cardstock or write it by hand
    • You'll have time in class to decorate, but you need your final draft of your paragraphs by then. Bring decorations for your paper blog tomorrow; try to make your decorations match your topic


  • READ!
  • Write one literature response


  • 1. Notes: P. 24-25 in NB
  • 2. P. 26 #1-5 odd; #19-23 odd; #31-33 odd



Social Studies

  • Read p. 15-21
  • Be sure to understand: 
    • latitude and longitude
    • physical and political maps
Today's presentation can be found here: Five Themes of Geography