May 23rd

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Language Arts

  • Unit 14 vocab pages - Friday
  • Self-portrait/writing prompt can be found here: writing prompts Your self-portrait is due next Wednesday, 5-30-12.
  • Finish the complete subject/predicate w/s
  • Write at least one paragraph for each of the following prompts:
    • Describe a time when you praised someone for doing good. How did it make him/her and you feel?
    • How would your day go if it went perfectly?


  • Lit Circles #3 - Thursday



Social Studies

  • Finish questions on page 356, #6-13, and either #14 (if your student # is even) or #15 (if your student # is odd)
  • Mexico map is due Friday. Visit the Social Studies page for the map that was displayed on the ActivBoard this morning.
  • If you're interested in visiting the Louvre website for researching your social studies project, check it out: The Louvre.