November 14th

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Language Arts

  • DOL Quiz #2 - Thursday
  • Finish Unit 5 vocab pages by Thursday
  • GFW Exercise 3 on page 35 (if not finished in class)
  • GFW "Write What You Think" paragraph, page 35


  • Lit Responses - create a new Google Doc, title it "[Student #] Lit Journals #19-22", then put it into your Lit Journal folder. Please be sure to number each individual response within the document.
  • Giver Response #2 - Sameness blog post (due Friday)


  • Math quiz on Wednesday
  • Study and understand concepts learned


  • Caritas Post - Describe one favorite moment or activity from Caritas in a Google Doc. Click on the link for more details. (due Friday)


Social Studies

  • Finish questions 1-10 on pages 140-141 (if you didn't finish them in class)
  • Write ten possible test questions from chapters 3 and 4 (I forgot to share that with Mrs. Beck, sorry!). Put your questions in a Google Doc and place it in your student folder. Title: Social Studies Test Questions.