September 13th

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Language Arts

  • Grammar test on Friday
  • Pronouns paragraph - write one paragraph WITHOUT using any pronouns!
  • Vocab p. 31-32
  • Finish paragraph that we were brainstorming in class today (using the "Start with what you know and love" handout). You can write it on binder paper, type it up and bring it in, or type it in a Google Doc and share it with me.


  • READ!!
  • Literature Response Journal


  • 1. P. 40 - #7-15 Odd
  • 2. P. 41 - #37-41 Odd



  • Study

Social Studies

  • Biography Geography Map and Story are due Wednesday!
  • Write your Chariot Race Article in a Google Doc with your writer's workshop group (due Wednesday)
  • Finish "quiz" for lesson one, including the short essay
  • Don't forget! Your world map is due on Friday!!


  • New blog post (due Friday): Describe a place you have always wanted to visit. Where is it? What kind of a place is it? (city, national park, lake, farm) Why do you want to visit this place? What interests you about it? What does the place look like? What are some sites we might visit if we went there? Be sure to use descriptive language, and write one to two paragraphs (minimum).


  • P. 107 - #1,2,3