September 8th

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Language Arts

  • Vocab test tomorrow (unit one)
  • Great Short Answers - due tomorrow


  • READ!
  • Lit Response Journal entry


  • Finish puzzle B-65


  • Don't forget we have mass tomorrow at 8:00! Bring your sweatshirt.


Social Studies

  • Research your Birthday Geography and follow the instructions here: Birthday Geography Assignment (due next Wednesday, 9/14) If you want to see what's been added to the map already, check the Social Studies Assignments page!
  • Please note: there are three (3) parts to this assignment!


  • Use this link to share your blog with Miss McMillan: Blog Addresses
  • Copy and paste your paper blog into your first post on your blog or type it into a post if necessary
  • Grant admin privileges to Miss McMillan

Once I have been added to your blog as an author, there's one more step you'll need to take so I can add readers to your blog. You need to go back to the permissions page we were looking at today, where you added me as an author. This time you're going to click on the link next to my name that says "grant admin privileges." Once you do that, I'll be able to add your classmates as readers. Thank you!