November 8th

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Language Arts

  • Vocab test - Thursday
  • DOL quiz #2 - Thursday
  • Spend at least 15 minutes studying vocab words
  • Add the word problem you wrote in class yesterday to this form: Word Problems


  • Finish Your Job Assignment handout
  • Write one paragraph that explains your assigned job. 
  • Lit Response #3 blog post due by Friday
  • Lit Journals #11-14 typed into a Google Doc by Thursday
  • Lit Journals #11-15 (this week's entries) typed into a Google Doc by Friday


  • Finish WS E-63


  • Caritas Google Doodle is due Thursday
  • Finish notes on pages 44-45 (Wednesday)


  • Study for 3.1 Quiz on Wednesday

Social Studies

  • Finish responses to "The Cadi and the Fly":
    • Two questions on pages 127 and 129
    • Paragraph describing the lesson/moral of the story (What is the lesson? How do you know that's the lesson? How can you use this lesson in your own life?)