Thursday 1-9-14

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Cover ALL textbooks by tomorrow!

Dress Uniform tomorrow!

Language Arts

  • Unit 7 vocab pages - due Friday
  • Rewrite Cliches and enter them into the form: Goodbye to Cliches


  • The Giver summary paragraph - revise and add to your blog 
  • Read chapter 15 in The Giver
  • Edmodo assignment: Sameness - due Tuesday
  • Add your name dice story to Jace Walters


  • Complete the Ancestral Chart by Monday

Social Studies

  • Complete the Africa map - due tomorrow
  • Answer the question on labor specialization in Edmodo


  • Blog Post #12 - due Friday
  • Add a comment to five separate blogs and then add them to the form: Five Blog Comments
  • Giver Summary: Add your Giver summary paragraph as a blog post. Use the chapter # in the title of the post. For example, "Chapter Two Summary"


  • Answer the religion questions, "Future Generations"
  • Answer the social studies questions on labor specialization
  • Respond to The Giver prompt on Sameness