March 31st

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Dress Uniform Tomorrow - Mass at 8:00

Language Arts



  • Solve and check:
    • (1)  -x=34
    • (2)  -x= -41
    • (3)  2= -x
    • (4)  -9= -x


  • Your flag that represents you. Remember to describe your flag in your Lenten Journal.
  • Poem or song based on things that make you happy


  • Finish lab sheet

Social Studies

  • Finish the climate change handout


  • Social studies page: Write a reflection paragraph about today's climate change activity. Title your post: The Global Mall
  • Questions to consider:
    • What did you learn during the activity?
    • How did this help you to understand the concept?
    • What was the main point of this activity?
    • How did you feel while participating in this activity?
    • What surprised you the most? The least?
    • Did this activity lead you to think about your impact on the environment? How so?
    • Based on what we discussed in class today, what are some ways you can have a more positive impact on the environment?
If you weren't in class for this activity, your assignment is to comment on at least five of your classmates' blogs. When finished, please send me an email with the names of the students whose blogs you commented on.