November 15th

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Please check your blog and make sure you are up-to-date with all of your posts. There should be a total of eighth (8) literature response blog posts.

Blogging Challenge: There are currently six (6) blogging challenge topics posted on the Seventh Grade Randomness blog:
  • My Life As a Reader
  • My Life As a Mathematician
  • How to Live a Happy Life
  • Those Small Moments
  • My Life As a Writer
  • Thankfulness
Language Arts:
  • Vocab p. 58-60
  • Write 9 verb sentences (using three verb sets, three sentences per set)
  • Spelling Test on Wednesday

  • Read, Read, Read!!
  • Lit response journal
  • Finish pizzazz worksheet
  • Gratitude journal every night
  • Finish study guide
Social Studies:
  • Read lesson 4 and take notes
  • Finish Reteaching Activity
If you're anxious to get started on your presentation slide(s), here's the spreadsheet: Chapter Two Topics.