In Computers Today 2010-2011

June 2nd

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  • Finish Outsiders blog posts
  • Finish inputting Africa presentation reviews
  • Type character description into a Google Doc
  • Be sure to share the document with me
  • Clean out your student folder on the server

If you've finished all of that....

January 10th

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  • Add your books to the Reading Log Entries form.
  • Add your poetry paragraphs to the Middle School Poetry website.
  • Are your comments missing from the Randomness Blog?
  • Catch up on lit responses on your blog.
  • Open a Google Doc, title it "Identifying Run-on Sentences" with your student number at the beginning. Example:              737 Identifying Run-on Sentences. Type up your responses to the assignment on pages 37-38, #1-15.

October 18th

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September 20th

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  • Add your books to Reading Log Entries
  • Add your Literature Response for last week to your blog
  • Grammar Assignment: Open Revising Sentence Fragments (we'll do this together so everyone knows how to work with Google Docs)
  • Create a new post on your About Me page and answer one of the following:
    • If you could suddenly give yourself a talent that you don't presently have, what would it be?
    • If you could suddenly give yourself a superpower, what would it be?
      • Be sure to answer the prompt in a minimum of one paragraph (6 to 8 sentences).

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