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Language Arts Assignments

Brainstorm and Paragraph

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After choosing one of the topics in the Wordle above, create a brainstorm web about your topic. What are the ideas that come to mind when you think about that topic?

When you have finished your brainstorm web, write at least one paragraph about your topic. Your rough draft will be due tomorrow, Friday.

Your final draft of this paragraph will be typed in a Google Doc and will be due Wednesday, December 14th. Please title your document: [Student #] Open Writing Paragraph.


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Find the Adjective

Please add your adjectives to the Google Form found here: Adjectives

Better Verb Sentences

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GFW Page 34

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Revising Sentence Fragments

For Exercise 2 on pages 34-35, please type your answers into a Google Doc and then place it into your student folder. You will be correcting any sentence fragments you find in this exercise. Type the corrected sentence only, but be sure to show the correction you made by highlighting it somehow or by writing the explanation in parentheses after the sentence.

If a sentence is correct as it is, you can simply type "correct."

Prized Possession

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What is your most prized possession? Explain why it is so important to you. How long have you had it? Did someone special give it to you?

Ideas for Writing

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In order to help us practice our sentence writing, and make it more interesting, I'd like each student to complete this form:

For each of the question words, please add at least one idea for a word or words that will fit that category. So, for example, for "who" you'll want to come up with some possible subjects for our sentences. Some ideas might be "seventh graders," "campers," "baseball star." 

If you'd like to see the example that I had on Elmo this afternoon, it's linked on the Handouts page or you can use this direct link:

Mr. Smith Sentences

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Step One:

Start with this sentence:  "Mr. Smith is celebrating."

Answer the following questions to change the rather boring "Mr. Smith is celebrating" into a much more interesting paragraph (3-4 sentences...or more):
  • Who is Mr. Smith?
  • What does he do when he celebrates?
  • When does he celebrate?
  • Why does he celebrate?
  • How does he celebrate?

Step Two:

Use the reporter's formula to revise one of the following sentences:
  • Mortimer is funny.
  • Grunhilda is athletic.
  • I enjoy school.
  • Millicent likes eggs.
Write your questions on your paper, then write your paragraph.

Orange Sentences

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  1. A pet (if you don't have a pet, then choose an animal you would like to have for a pet)
  2. A relative
  3. You
  • For each topic, write three short descriptions.
  • For each description, write one sentence.
  • Three descriptions = three sentences.
  • Three topics = nine sentences!

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