Blogging Reflection

posted May 29, 2013, 10:13 AM by
After an entire year of blogging, it's time to reflect on your growth as a writer. Look back over all of your posts from this year and see what you can discover about your writing. Then, in a Google Doc, write a reflection on your blogging experience. Here are some questions to help guide your thoughts:
  • How did you feel about blogging this year?
  • What was the favorite blog post that you read?
  • What was the favorite blog post that you wrote?
  • Would you continue blogging on your own (without a teacher making you)?
  • What was most challenging about blogging?
  • What did you like the most? The least?
  • Which of your posts did you put the most time into? What are your thoughts about that post?
  • Why did you choose the topics that you wrote about?
  • Which post (that you read or wrote) made you think the most?
  • How did you feel about commenting? Or receiving comments on your blog?
  • How did you feel about having assigned posts to comment on at the end of the year?