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Language Arts Assignments 2013-2014

Sentence Fluency Assignment

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Photo Scavenger Hunt

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Interjections Illustration

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An interjection is a word that expresses emotion. Your task is to choose one interjection and illustrate it like something you might see in a comic book. For example:

Here is a list of interjections you can choose from:

Please use Sketchbook or Notability for this illustration. When you are finished, please upload your interjection to Google Drive and title it "[student #] Interjection".

Dear Mom and Dad

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Your assignment is to write a persuasive paragraph in the form of a letter to your parent(s). In your paragraph, you will be asking mom and dad for something you really want. Please note: This needs to be a realistic request! Your paragraph should explain:
  • what exactly you're asking for;
  • why you want this item;
  • how will this item benefit you;
You will also need to address any arguments your parents might make against this request and express your counter-arguments.

This letter should be written in a Google Doc titled "[student #] Dear Mom and Dad" and should go in your Language Arts folder.

Boring Class

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Start a Google Doc titled, "[student #] Boring Class"; make sure to place the document in your Language Arts folder.

Write at least one paragraph responding to this:

Show Don't Tell Paragraph

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Link to the document: Telling Into Showing

Link to the document: Show Don't Tell Paragraph

Does the Shoe Fit

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Photo Captions

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Write a caption that could go with each of the photos in this Google Presentation, and then submit them in the Google Form below. Yes, they can be humorous.

Find the Adjectives

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Your assignment, should you choose to accept it (and you WILL accept it), is to watch the Articles pencast and then complete the Articles Quiz.

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