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Literature Assignments

Your literature journals will now be turned in using Google Docs. Each week you will create one document with the title shown on the Google Assignments page (don't forget to include your student number!) The weekly document will be placed inside a Lit Journal folder within your student folder. Please don't fall behind!

While typing up your journal entries, be sure to take note of any words that are spelled incorrectly. Proofread!!! Remember to try reading your paragraph backwards.

Book Review Mini-Paper Blogs

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The Giver Society Project

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Giver Response #2

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In Jonas's community, every person and his or her experience are precisely the same. The climate is controlled, and competition has been eliminated in favor of a community in which everyone works only for the common good. What advantages might "Sameness" yield for contemporary communities? How would you feel about growing up in a community such as this?

Giver Response #1

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Society Comparison

Compare and contrast the society in The Giver with our own. What similarities do you see? What differences stand out for you?

Hint: Before writing your blog post, create a venn diagram (on paper) comparing our two societies.

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