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Social Studies Assignments 2012-2013

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Test Post

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Asia Biography Project

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To go along with Unit Four in social studies, you will each be creating a Google Presentation that tells the story of one of the historical figures mentioned in this unit (chapters 7 and 8). You can choose any one of these people to do your research on. The end-product will be a Google Presentation that follows the template seen here:

Keep in mind that, for this "presentation", you are actually telling the story of this person, so your slides won't necessarily be "presentation zen." In fact, you won't even need to use bullet points.

Each slide, except for the title and bibliography slides, should have at least one image on it. 

Africa Project Reflection

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After you have given your presentation to the class, I would like you to write a reflection piece on the project (two or more paragraphs). Think back over the project and consider these questions:
  • What did you like about the project?
  • What was challenging? What was easy?
  • Was there something that surprised you? Perhaps doing a presentation was easier or harder than you thought it would be.
  • If you were to do this project again, what would you do differently? How could you make it better?
  • What did you learn about yourself while doing this project?
  • Why do you think learning to give a presentation might be important?
Please write your reflection in a Google Doc titled "[student #] Africa Project Reflection." Be sure to place it in your student folder.

African History Powerpoint Bibliography

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Rather than turning in your index cards from your research, please type up your bibliography into a Google Doc. You can find explanations and examples of how to format your citations here: How to write a bibliography.

African History Powerpoint Project

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Archaeological Dig

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It is the year 2512 and you've just completed excavating what appears to have been a seventh grade classroom from the early 21st Century. You discovered so many artifacts that must have been important to this culture. Now it's time to write your archaeology report, so you write down a few quick general notes about what you found:
  • approximately 50% of the people had iPods (a device used for listening to music and, perhaps, playing games)
  • most of them mentioned using writing implements
  • technology seemed to play a very important role in their lives
  • at least 95% of the people left books behind
  • a number of them were able to play musical instruments
  • all of them mentioned the importance of family and friends
  • recreation seemed to be very important as video games and sports were played by almost everyone
  • clothing choice was important
  • education played an important role in their lives
  • you found a number of trophies (awards for various events)
  • there were little or no weapons found
Your report (of one paragraph or more) needs to explain what you feel these discoveries tell you about this particular culture. What might they have been like? What were some of the things that were important to them?

Seventh Grade Artifacts

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It is the year 2512 and archaeologists have returned to Pleasant Hill to try and determine what seventh graders were like during our time. They find six artifacts that you have left behind and are using those artifacts to figure out what you were like and what your life was like. What are the six artifacts that you would leave behind that would best describe who you are?

For each of the artifacts, write one paragraph that answers the following questions:

  • What is the artifact?
  • Why is it important to you?
  • What might this artifact tell archaeologists about you?

Birthday Geography

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