Archaeological Dig

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It is the year 2512 and you've just completed excavating what appears to have been a seventh grade classroom from the early 21st Century. You discovered so many artifacts that must have been important to this culture. Now it's time to write your archaeology report, so you write down a few quick general notes about what you found:
  • approximately 50% of the people had iPods (a device used for listening to music and, perhaps, playing games)
  • most of them mentioned using writing implements
  • technology seemed to play a very important role in their lives
  • at least 95% of the people left books behind
  • a number of them were able to play musical instruments
  • all of them mentioned the importance of family and friends
  • recreation seemed to be very important as video games and sports were played by almost everyone
  • clothing choice was important
  • education played an important role in their lives
  • you found a number of trophies (awards for various events)
  • there were little or no weapons found
Your report (of one paragraph or more) needs to explain what you feel these discoveries tell you about this particular culture. What might they have been like? What were some of the things that were important to them?