Chapter Two Timelines

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Chapter Two Timeline

You will be creating a timeline on The Expansion and Fall of Rome for your Chapter Two assessment. The timeline will be created in Google Presentation using one slide for each of the different events. Your first slide, however, is your title slide. It should include the title of your presentation and your name.

Each of the remaining slides in the presentation should include the following:
  • Title of the event
  • The date or dates of the event
  • Brief description of the event
  • An image (photograph, painting, map, illustration)

Your timeline must include the following events:

Lesson One
  • The Origins of Rome
  • Rome Becomes a Kingdom
  • The Rule of Tarquin the Proud
  • Romans Establish a Republic
  • The Rule of Julius Caesar
  • The Rule of Octavian (Augustus) - be sure to include the Pax Romana
  • The Rise of Christianity

Lesson Two
  • Internal Weaknesses of Rome (may require more than one slide)
  • Rome Divides into East and West (be sure to include Diocletian and Constantine)
  • Fall of the Roman Empire (be sure to include Clovis)

Lesson Three
  • The Rule of Justinian
  • The Rise of Constantinople
  • Disagreements Split Christianity
    • Include a slide that compares Roman Catholicism to Eastern Orthodox Christianity
  • The Church Splits (a separate slide that explains the “schism”)

Lesson Four
  • Add 3 to 5 slides that describe the Legacy of Rome (art, architecture, laws, etc.)

This project is due by Friday, September 23rd. Do not wait until the last minute! We’ll have some time in class to work on the laptops, but you will definitely need to do some of this at home.